To teach is to inspire, to teach is to awaken creative knowldge, to teach is to help one reach their full potential… Dr. Melissa Lanfrit-Hait certainly characterizes the definition of “Teacher.”  As a retired teacher myself and with a musical background which was silent for many years. Dr. Lanfrit-Hait encouraged me to pursue my dream of playing again.  Not only did she reawaken the musical knowldge I once had in my youthful days, but provided me with the guidance and tools needed to regain my confidence at the piano.  As the only “old” person at the recital, I was able to once again share my love for the piano thanks to a dedicated, patient teacher… Thank you, Melissa

Nicholas LaGrega, 2015

About three years ago we searched high and low for a music teacher for our daughter. She is musically inclined and we needed a teacher that would help her to achieve her full potential. Fortunately for us, our search brought us to Dr. Melissa. She is an excellent musician as well as an amazing, dedicated teacher. Her accurate technique and deep understanding for music has brought our daughter to a higher musical level.

Dr. Melissa sets a high standard for her students, while gently pushing each student to bring out the best in themselves. Her teaching is not only about the piano and how to play the pieces; it is about discovering music, the composers and oneself. Dr. Melissa makes the classes fun and interesting. She skillfully plays the pieces, and instills in her students a love for the piano. Our daughter looks forward to going to her music lessons. We were fortunate to have found Dr. Melissa Lanfrit-Hait.

Christy and James DelBianco, 2015

Dr. Melissa has not only been my son Brandon’s Piano Instructor but also a Positive Role Model for the last three years. When I first decided to start my son in piano lessons there were many teachers available to me. I did my own research and found Melissa. It was a decision that I continue to be thankful for to this day. She has brought my son to a level I did not know he would be able to reach in the amount of time he has been playing. She has an incredible educational background in music paired with an easily accessible personality. She is very patient and has the experience and knowledge to teach students of any age, from children to adults. Melissa is also a great role model for any child, not just children with musical aspirations. Her successes and accomplishments show her students the fulfillment that hard work and dedication can bring into their lives.

Brandon Mendez Sr., 2015

I meet many talented piano players but none seem to have the classical training that is the core of your talent. That is why you are a true pianist and you have my admiration and respect. I wish that I had you as a teacher when I was first learning how to play! I have found that it is rare to find someone with a classical training as in your background and playing the quality of music that you perform. Personally, I am working on pieces from Bach, a few from Beethoven and I recently started one from Debussy. As I practice, I often think, I should call Melissa and find out how to play a particular measure or section. A whole bunch of issue come up that I know that I could use help and advice, i.e. fingering, timing, phrasing, muscle coordination, dynamics, ornaments and more!

Frank Grasso, 2015